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Jemez Overlook

The day you left I went back on top.

A beautiful flower was blooming, two thin

anthers bending from a blue corolla.

Currants remained on the bush you ate from,

pale red, some nearly purple. A hummingbird

browsed by and I broke more spiderwebs

to find the water we left gone.

Your shriveled sage strands, however,

made a double helix in the rock indention

surrounded by the cloudy void.

I imagined porpoise to the west, buffalo

to the east, white owls over the north

and a tortoise trail south.

A hawk or eagle shrieked from distant pines below

as morning sunlight banked across the canyons.

Then actually a rock fell and left an echo

in the sky.

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Native Star by Stan Renfro

Your experience in the world of physical matter flows outward from the center of your inner psyche. Then you perceive this experience. Exterior events, circumstances and conditions are meant as a kind of living feedback. Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances. There is no other valid way of changing physical events.

Seth: 613


Sasha, you’d have liked today.

Clouds were the main feature,

Combing over cliffs, drifting slopes,

Smudging the trees.

Where we would have ambled

Really didn’t matter.

Humans make life simple for

The dogs below their knees.

Stan Renfro, Poet


Human, I bear witness

To the dog in sky.

Elegy howling one soul:

Scoshee, Sosha, die.

Prolong, with zest, love’s

Certitide on high.

Orion, undaunted,

Arches on.

Dog Star

Sasha, sky dog, wag for me.

Burst from rapture

— deboned — free!

We’ll romp up night forest trails

Mountains old reality.

Sasha, Stan Renfro, poet, All in Orbit

Your inner life is being translated into corporeal reality. — Seth 623

Since your conscious beliefs determine those unconscious

funtions that bring about your personal experience, your first step

is to enlarge those beliefs. — Seth 655

The images in your mind draw to themselves the proper emotional

energy and power needed to fill them out as physical events. — Seth 656

Your own temporal creations add to the abilities with which you

made them. You learn through your own creations. — Seth 663

You are given the gift of the gods: you create your own reality

accordiing to your beliefs; yours is the creative energy that makes

your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you

believe in. — Seth 677

Native Pet


Sasha, you wore snowboots

After every snow.

Cats if they were strangers

Knew which way to go.

Altitude no problem,

Food a sniff away,

After school a romp and pet,

Two humans in your play.

No hike was too arduous,

You rose like a goat,

Ardent in your pleasure for

A life, at death, replete.


Staircase rocks you could ascend,

Never once were lost.

Chasm trails yawned in darkness

You arc-jumped across.

We knew every slope and crevice —


Loving each hike into stars

Our time eroded.


“Mary had a little lamb.”

Sasha goes to sleep

Under the computers …

Wingate High she roams.

Loved by staff and students,

Searching for lunchmeat,

She knows by those bells

Her second home.

She follows Mr. Renfro

And never makes a noise,

Petted by the girls

And harried by the native boys.


Sometimes we’d traverse the suburbs,

Passing urban views,

Charming elders at the rest home

Without even trying.

All we’d have to be was present,

Journey up the halls.

Hands would reach from rooms

And most were smiling.

Your grudges with some dogs

Stayed the same.

Others wagged as friends;

None saw your fame.

Lost and Found

The tracing of your movements

One street at a time,

Boulevards and freeways

More difficult to cross.

A thin light is out there,

All the stars once seen

Together on a mountain,

A loving touch between.

Somewhere on a world,

Together once again.

We will hike the heavens,

A dog before a man.


Bricks and purple pansies,

Sasha, just veneer.

You are in the sky with God,

A planet is your bier.

Bricks and purple pansies,

Vacant time for tears.

Expiation for a pet

Who lived once, 14 years.

Bricks and purple pansies,

Fit them into place.

Sasha, your love for me

Distinguishes your race.

Bricks and purple pansies

Will mold and never cease

Embellishing a legend of

A little dog at peace.


Playful to the end —

Grabbing Liz’s hand.

Were I with you I’d help you

Make your last legstand.

Sasha - Stan Renfro poetry
Sasha and Stan Renfro, poet

© 2014-15 Stan Renfro