Native Star by Stan Renfro
Two collections of poetry by Stan Renfro
All in Orbit by Stan Renfro

“We are animal lovers.

We propagate a race.”

— Stan Renfro

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Native Star by Stan Renfro

Yeats said, "The poet should combine the greatest possible personal realization with the greatest possible knowledge of the speech and circumstances of the world."

Native Star is a milestone of modern consciousness, using the English lyrical tradition to write about a mother, a dog, and a comet.


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Scoshee and Native Star by Stan Renfro



All In Orbit by Stan Renfro

What you now create unconsciously your species will create consciously. The infinite abilities of consciousness become individualized, focused into a particular reality which then becomes expanded. Your own temporal creations add to the abilities with which you made them. You learn through your creations.

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