Native Star by Stan Renfro
Two collections of poetry by Stan Renfro
All in Orbit by Stan Renfro

Jemez Springs Haiku

Jemez Springs, the town,

Is essentially

Ensconsed in a volcano.


San Diego Canyon

Has volatile sides,

Sloping up from Hades.


Volcano gradient to

Canyon rims,

I hike for panorama.


Moon over ramparts

Paling into dawn,

The canyon turning on...


Nest swallows fly in moonlight

Around the bathhouse gables.

Sprinklers spit.


A town may offer bathing

If centered by

A simmering geyser.


Too bad tamarisk bushes

Line the river now.

Cut them, for cottonwoods.


Portal to the underworld,

Soda Dam, no wonder

Cars stop there.


Graffiti on its sides,

Floods may top its form

Gushing down the canyon.


A catholic canyon,

Jemez Springs dwells

In inclusivity.


Light through the flag

On his portico,

The Legionnaire entertains.


Glen, put your "Thank you" sign

Beside the "Bump" one

On Mooney Road, for thanks.


Vine grows on the "Dead End" sign

But Mooney is a through street

To heaven.


Not many folk can sweep up

Fallen apples in porch shade

In summer.


Festivals of music

And Forth of July parades

Ordain the town.


I am in the elks' club

Without shedding horns.

My horn is a pencil.

— Stan Renfro