Native Star by Stan Renfro
Two collections of poetry by Stan Renfro
All in Orbit by Stan Renfro

Navajo Haiku

How would I know so many

Roots were in the land

But for their flowers.


Fairy fragile, mariposa

Deck the prairie plane

On single stems.


Crows, fragments of night

Fly dawn the same way, the same way,

Sliding in space.


Crows are natural gargoyles

Sitting on fence posts

Ready for a bite.


Coyote, down along

The road, auburn throat on

Asphalt, sleep your species.


Jungle birds in pine pillars

Herald dawn. Moon crescent

Pares by opaque clouds.


Truth of the winter

Is acorns in summer,

Cones all over the trees.


My cough kept bears

A simulation

In a scene of ponderosa.


Chortle, frogs, alive

In the universe. May our lives

Reflect your own.


Scalloped basins

Hold brown waters in

Where frog cells proliferate.


Chamisa start showing orange,

Sunflowers mere stalks.

Clouds subdue the dawn.


White moths meander

Between chamisa bushes,

Touching down in gold.


Tarnish the luster

Of chamisa to yellow-gold

Through ice-tinged nights.


Borrow the imminent

Gold of dawn. Store it

In blooming chamisa.


Bugs may be excused

From loitering - so much

Chamisa luxury.


The right to be golden

Afforded chamisa

Bronzes into seed.


Moon rind and falling stars,

Sirius about to rise -

Why I look up.


Play, in live mantis-vision.

Captive to movements,

He captivates me.


I ate two would-be

Ducks yesterday, as eggs.

Delicious - hard to crack.


Pinon jays is geese-high patterns

Arc a morning air

The sun casts red.


Four crows swirl in dawn circles

Over me. Uncawing,

Their eyes see mine.


Arcturus above

The lemon and the mauve

Of dawn - another day.


Stars effaced,

Orange aura of dawn

Delivers a landscape to our eyes.


Above the reach of dawn,

In violet, Arcturus shines,

Sage showing.


Flocks of equidistant birds

Schooling in the air

Over pinon hills.


Pinons for the asking

Beneath pinon trees,

And bear shit beside them.


Have a handfull -

Pinons on the hoof. Chase

Them with juniper berries.


The house of yellow lanterns;

Arcturus in the sky;

The children sleep.


Crow legions flying down-ridge

Carry conversations

With each other.


Shadow birds flit behind brush.

Clouds roll out gray dawn.

Prairie dogs slumber.


— Stan Renfro