Native Star by Stan Renfro
Two collections of poetry by Stan Renfro
All in Orbit by Stan Renfro


FT. WINGATE, NM, MARCH 16, 2009 — Local author Stan Renfro’s recently released poetry collection, Native Star, highlights his love for man, beast and nature. His imagery will quite possibly inspire the reader, touch their hearts and provoke their minds.

This lyrical journey is divided into three sections: Consuelo: A Mother Ode, which explores the maturing mother-son bond; Comet!, inspired by Hale-Bopp; and Scoshee: A Memorial, which touches on our kinship with other species and the anguish he felt at the loss of his beloved pet, Scoshee.

“This would be a wonderful gift for someone opened by an animal to dimensions of life he or she had not previously experienced," Renfro says. "Grief for the loss of the pet at last becomes appreciation for life more profoundly felt.”

Renfro’s simple statement on the back cover of Native Star sums up his feelings that love is free and supersedes all that is commercial, “We are animal lovers. We propagate a race.”

Stan Renfro, a Bat Conservation International member, formerly taught Navajo studies and English at Wingate high school in Fort Wingate, New Mexico. He was also a finalist in the Teacher in Space program.

Native Star may be purchased at the following web sites:, and

Fideli Publishing, Inc. is the publisher.