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Seth's behest to mankind is a set of books written by Jane Roberts. The books' ideas project the image of human beings elevated in the dignity of their thought.

Mankind's birthright on the planet will be exonerated if we adjust our thinking to the plane these books allude we can.

It is a matter of consciousness. As an example, in Session 658 Seth says:

"The suggestions you give yourselves constantly operate overall as beliefs that are reflected in your experiences."

Yes, the mental suggestions we think and beam over and over get habituated in our minds; these tenets we enact as our way of life.

A new depth of intent is made easy to assume by the fluent text. As a second example, from Session 782, says: "Dreaming then provides the species with learning experiences not otherwise available, in which behavior and events can be judged against more developed and higher understanding than that present in conventional daily reality at any level."

If that quote seems clairvoyant, it is. I recommend you start with The Nature of Personal Reality.

— Stan Renfro

More quotes from Seth


You change even the most permanent-seeming conditions of your life constantly through the varying attitudes you have toward them. There is nothing in your exterior experience that did not originate within you. Interactions with others do occur, of course, yet there are none that you do not accept or draw to you by your thoughts, attitudes, or emotions. This applies in each area of life. In your terms, it applies both before life and after it. In the most miraculous fashion you are given the gift of creating your experience.

Seth 613


Your thoughts, feelings and mental pictures can be called incipient exterior events, for in one way or another each of these is materialized into physical reality.

Seth 613


In this existence you are learning to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you. The mass condition of the world, and the situation of each individual in it, is the materialization of man's progress as he forms his world.

Seth 613


Usually when you do examine your conscious mind you do so looking through, or with, your own structured beliefs. The knowledge that your beliefs are not necessarily reality will allow you to be aware of all the data that is consciously available to you. I am not telling you to examine your thoughts so frequently and with such vigor that you get in your own way, but you are not fully conscious unless you are aware of the contents of your conscious mind. I am also emphasizing the fact that the conscious mind is equipped to receive information from the inner self as well as the exterior universe.

Seth: 616


Make not divisions between the physical and the spiritual in your lifetimes, for the spiritual speaks with a physical voice and the corporeal body is the creation of the spirit.

Seth: 677


Many of your problems result from the fact that you do not accept the responsibility of your own consciousness. It is meant to assess the reality that is unconsciously formed in direct replica of your thoughts and expectations.

When you do not embrace this conscious knowledge, but refuse it, you are not using one of the finest "tools" ever created by your species, and you are to a large extent denying your birthright and heritage.

Seth: 635


When this happens [conscious denial] the species by default must fall back on vestiges of old instincts — that were not geared to operate in conjunction with a conscious reasoning mind, and do not comprehend your experience; that finds your "moment of reflection" an impertinent denial of impulse. So man loses full use of the animals' regulated, graceful instinct, and yet denies the conscious and emotional discrimination given him instead.

The messages sent as a result are so highly contradictory that you are caught in a position where true instinct cannot reign, nor can reason prevail. Instead a distorted version of instinct results, along with a bastard use of sense as the species tries desperately to regulate its course.

Presently you have a condition in which overpopulation is compensated for by wars, and if not by wars than by diseases. Yet who must die? The young who would be the parents of children. An understanding of the nature of natural guilt's integrity would save you from such predicaments.

Seth: 635


Normal aggressiveness flows with strong patterns of energy, giving motive power to all of your thoughts whether you consciously regard them as positive or negative, good or bad. The same thrusting creative surge brings them all forth. When you consider a thought good you usually do not question it. You allow it its life and follow through. Usually if you regard a thought as bad or beneath you, or if you are ashamed of it, then you try to deny it, stop its motion and hold it back. You cannot restrain energy, although you may think you can. You simply collect it, whereupon it grows, seeking its fulfillment.

Seth: 634


You will each have to discover for yourself those areas in which you strongly repress your thoughts, for many energy blockages will be found there. For now consider this blocked energy.

Consciously, most people are already afraid of it - they did not repress it because they considered it good. When I use the word "repressed" I do not mean forgotten, or shoved into the unconsciousness, or beyond reach. You may pretend that such material is hidden but it is quite within your conscious awareness. You have only to honestly look for it and organize what you find.

It is very possible to "see" such information and not see it at the same time, simply because you do not add all of the data together. No one can make you do that, of course. To do it you must have a sense of courage and adventuresomeness; and tell yourself that you refuse to be cowed by ideas that after all belong to you, but are not you.

Seth: 634


# 98

It is often said that man believes in devils because he believes in gods. The fact is that man began to believe in demons when he started to feel a sense of guilt. The guilt arose with the birth of compassion.

Animals have a sense of justice that you do not understand, and built-in to that innocent sense of integrity there is a biological compassion, understood at the deepest cellular levels.

In your terms man is an animal, rising out of himself, from himself evolving certain animal capacities to their utmost; not forming new physical specializations of body any longer, but creating from his needs, desires and blessed natural aggressiveness inner structures having to do with values, space and time. To varying degrees this same impetus resides throughout all creaturehood.

Such a task meant that man must break out of the self-regulating, precise, safe and yet limiting aspects of instinct. The birth of a conscious mind, as you think of it, meant that the species took upon itself free will. Built-in procedures that had beautifully sufficed could now be superceded. They became suggestions instead of rules.

Compassion "rose" from the biological structure up to emotional reality.

The "new" consciousness accepted its emerging triumph - freedom - and was faced with responsibility for action of a conscious level, and with the birth of guilt.

Seth: 634


Christ united man's consciousness in ways that reached out into history.

The Christ consciousness was not isolated. I am speaking in your terms now.

The same consciousness gave birth to all of your religions, therefore; the various frameworks through which the peoples of different times could express themselves and grow. In all cases the religions began with the beliefs prevailing, spoke through the dictums of the times, and then expanded. Now this represents the spiritual side of man's evolution. The idea-frameworks of psychic and mental life were far more important than the physical aspects as the species grew and changed.

Seth: 674


# 12

Look to those areas of your life in which you are pleased and have done well.

See how emotionally and imaginatively you personally reinforced those beliefs and brought them to physical fruition - realize how naturally and automatically the results appeared. Catch hold of those feelings of accomplishment and understand that you can use the same methods in other areas.

Seth: 621


# 13

The sooner you begin to act upon new beliefs the better. Otherwise you are not trusting them in the present. If you are poor and want to have more money, and try to maintain a belief in abundance - while still faced with the fact of present poverty - you must in your reality make some symbolic move that shows you are willing to accept the change.

As foolish as it may sound, you should give some money away, or in whatever manner that suits you act as if you did have more money than you physically have.

You must respond to your new beliefs, so that neurologically the new message gets across.

Seth: 657


# 14

You perform habitually in certain manners as a result of your beliefs. Now if you willfully change some of those habits then you are also getting the message across. The initiation must come from you, and in the present. In a very real manner of speaking, this means changing your viewpoint, that particular perspective with which you view your past and present and imagine your future.

Seth: 657

# 15

You are in physical existence using your body as a medium for learning and expression. If all of your beliefs, not just your "fortunate" ones, were not materialized, you would never thoroughly understand on a physical level that your ideas create reality. If only your "positive" beliefs were materialized then you would never clearly comprehend the power of your thought, for you would not completely experience its physical results.

Seth: 626


# 16

You have not learned to use your consciousness properly or fully, so that it seems that imagination, emotions and reasoning are separate faculties, or sometimes set against each other. The mature conscious mind, once more, accepts data from the exterior world and from the interior one.

It is only when you believe that consciousness must be attuned only to exterior conditions that you force it to cut itself off from inner knowledge, intuitional "voices," and the depths from which it springs.

Seth: 620


# 17

You create yourselves on a daily basis, changing your form according to the incalculable richness of your multitudinous abilities. So out of the soul's resplendent psychic richness do you spring with your free will and desire.

You in turn create other living creatures. You also produce forms of art – fluid living constructs that you do not understand, in terms of societies and civilizations - and all of these flow through your alliance with flesh and blood.

Seth: 637


# 18

Vague yearnings toward certain accomplishments may be clues that the necessary characteristics are inherent but untrained in the self that you know.

Seth: 669


# 19

You go forth to draw from the universe the raw material of experience.

You are yourself, yet at that level you are also a part of that universe from which that self springs, and its power and vitality are your own, to be uniquely focused.

In your terms, you literally look backward and forward in time at your

individual self and your civilization, seeing where they merge, and feeling the infinite connections, so that each event you choose as your own will also be chosen as a world event - participated in to whatever extent by others, and adding to the available experience of the species from which others can also draw.

Seth: 788