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Solar Warming Takes Center Stage

Upstaging global warming is solar warming. The sun, since its inception, has been transforming hydrogen to helium as it blasts away. In the 4.6 billion years of its life, it has become 30% hotter as a star; helium ash is denser than hydrogen, and traps more solar heat.

Earth's orbit has not changed. Essentially, we are by a hotter star. Yet life exhibits homeostasis, the ability to maintain a constant temperature. This constant comfortable zone has been continuous since life began, despite the solar expansion.

The main regulatory gas of the atmosphere has been the one that seems our nemesis, carbon dioxide. CO2 through past eons has kept the world warm when the sun was colder, or life would not be. It's estimated that 100 times the amount of present CO2 swaddled Earth at an earlier time.

No carbon dioxide in the sky may be a vital rendezvous for planetary life, to remain at homeostasis. If tenure on Earth be appropriate, destiny lies in helping induce coldness, to address our star.

To cope with ongoing solar warming, that is the direction of destiny. Fate is global warming, frazzling ourselves before our time.

We still have a choice. Through effort of will we can change the direction of the CO2 level in the sky. Before the Civil War, 280 ppm. prevailed. Now the level is over 370 ppm., with 400 ppm. expected soon.

Lovelock sees an inverse relationship between the CO2 level and the fecundity of life. He posits that an ideal level would be about 180 ppm., in an Ice Age.

There is no reason for our species not to see that as an ideal and goal.

Looking out at space we see a benign sun, living a common stellar life. We have to acknowledge that we are the culprits but we can be the heroes of the story of mankind.

— Stan Renfro