Native Star by Stan Renfro
Two collections of poetry by Stan Renfro
All in Orbit by Stan Renfro

From a trip around America

Hours along the Allegheny -

Geese, six, by the shore;

The train moves on.


Icicles off rocks,

The Allegheny disappears

Into its origins.


"Siver Meteor"

To Miami, carry me

Away to the sea.


"It looks like you're

Locking up a Harley Davidson,

For God's sakes."


Waders with vistas

Of mangrove isles, the sea

A sheen shimmering silver.


Mangrove shades float horizons.

Shore bird shallows - day's dome

Zeniths a sun.


Turtle grass flats...

Each silver flake of sunlight

Cast off finite wavelets.


Above the flat sea

Clouds arc round a zenith sun

As low white spores.


Mangrove dashes on

A bar of ocean, silver-flaked,

Birds touch down on.


Winds in palms. Tiers

Of solo cumulus, rose-violet,

Rove over sea.


The smoothness of small boats

On water willing with

A dip of oar to go.

( for Chuck)


Spindrift lines of white

Where wind intersweeps the sea;

Fish welling below.


Rocking train, racheting wheels

To rails, while sleepers

Slump about, dozing.


If on this trip

I met only you,

It was worthy.

( for Sandra)


Three swans in flight,

The Hudson a sweep of sea

Fomenting in mountains.


Ice flows blowing north

With wind, although the river

Freights for sea southward.


Bays frozen to jade

Marbled white, crimp

The inner seas of Canada.


Turrets, towers, gables

Loft Montreal to the sky

Even with skyscrapers by.


Submerge myself in

Montreal. Have coffee

In a foreign nation.


Pay for seconds

In Canadian coin:

Count by English quietly.


Soft and gentle, French

Can be inconsequential melody,



Plastic parasols buggies

In Montreal - no garish

Neon lights.


These rails stretch

To the West Coast. My train aligns

The length in three days.


Chicagoans may share

Mozart at the Culture Center.

It's for free.


The moon reflects on ice

This horizon that knew

Buffalo by millions.


Over the verge -

White snow, white sky:

Phantom buffalo herds oncoming.


Spokane, Washington

Train terminal. Train stopped.

Lights out. People whisper.


St. Lawrence, Columbia,

Hudson pour. Two women

Hug for photos.


Mount Hood, like Mount Fuji,

Rises and deepens on

The Columbia, train-side.


Eugene's daffodils bloom.

People gather, apart,

In the public library.


Maté, cocoa, sasparilla

And vanilla: Aztec

Sunrise tea. Drink.


Have some tantric mushroom

Gravy or blueberry-apple

Compote, please.


"Our eggs are uncaged,

Hormone and antibiotic free."

The chickens?


Oaks engreened by moss,

Mists come down the cliffs.

Beehives, white, edge forest.


Cascades, most mighty mountains:

Cascades ethereal in mist

Plunge off.


Soothe me for those dead,

Oh owl, for those next to go.

Watch over us.


The kiss of waves,

A seal submerges,

Spindrift time so turbulent.


Ferocious turbulence,

Ocean surge, take down

Ships, throw bodies shoreward.


Atlantic, Pacific,

Partitions of a whole

Mightier than consciousness.


Gull, grounded by a sea

Made of God and Rachel Carson,

Curling on.


The train gaining speed

And direction, the distance

Spreading out behind.

— Stan Renfro

Feb/March 2009