Native Star by Stan Renfro
Two collections of poetry by Stan Renfro
All in Orbit by Stan Renfro


1. Sentinel Pine

Sentinel pine,

Your yard arms so lateral,

Catch the winds for me,

Let the photons build the cells

That needle from your boughs.

Waft, and grow above the roots

That anchor life for now.

Sentinel pine,

Risen as a rapt design,

Intercepting every breeze

By undulating melodies,

Rooted in the scene; the air

Is your shrine, all you divine

Through it: electrical charge

Or arid interims, between the rains

You rivulet.

Sentinel pine,

May there be vanilla

In all I do - through bark

My heart beat, sensing you.

2. Yucca Pine

Yucca pine, Yucca pine,

You're so alive, so unsuppine,

Around your toes, a flush of spine,

I stab my shin by you. Herald

Of the winds, your sigh

A measure of the moving sky,

A seed the star's light grew.

3. Prayer Pine

Frail Prayer pine, lightning's gashed

Your side, making it more vulnerable to be.

Bark should be the cover for a wound so wide,

The vertical interior I see.

Still, you make dimensional this land

That I love. Rooted in your being, you

Portray force from above.

Momentary might can last a lifetime

As a trace, interfacing thunder with

The wood I here embrace.

4. Pinons

Pinons down along the path

Cannot rise again. They become

A broken swath to haunt all hiking men.

Ancestors with us in mind made paths

Ages ago, thinking all along

The forests lush would always grow.

They did not anticipate machines

Would make us sit, and watch as gases

Filled the sky - trees killed because of it.

5. Redwoods

Dorothy wept for redwoods, though they,

Above it all, cultivated wisdom of the ages

For their fall.

Luna's nest was empty, before the saw

Bit through. Wood as old as Abraham

From starting seedlings grew.

6. Forest

The difference between a line and line

Is annual. Across the forest every tree alive

Expands the scene. Some quell into snags

Or break, but all the rest rely

Upon infrequent storms to make one panoply

Of green.


Reforest the trees,

Disown the car,

We an Eden's army


Ten billion trees,

The staff of God

Shall rise with our

Green army's aid.

Reforest the trees,

Disown the car,

Cool Earth's orbit

By a star.

Reforest the trees,

Disown the car,

Build deep soils

Life will share.

Reforest the trees

Will bring about

Heaven on Earth,

Put war to rout.

Reforest the trees

Our mantra frames.

The God of Adam

Eden dreams.

Ten billion trees, ten billion more,

Bulwark the entire sphere.

Moments grow to eons for the seeds

Planted right here.


1. Lindbergh

Land like Lindbergh!

Beam the plane,

An ocean span alone

His reign.

Resilient he'd flown

A dream

On sandwiches

And reckoning.

He stands tall.

His smile glints.

A solo flight

The story prints.

2. Franklin

Franklin was a courtly man,

Gave out inventions free,

Warmed mankind with Franklin stoves,

Charted moving sea.

He was convinced Poor Richard's rise

His brother could afford;

Suppressed the Philly fires and

Electrified our word.

His French could charm the ladies,

His humor has no date,

And every year an almanac

Made people feel complete.

3. Lincoln

Lincoln's resolution

Lasts the living day:

Permanent, in marble,

Is what he had to say.

"A house divided cannot stand."

Match simplicity

With this joking fellow -

Just the kind of guy

To make one two countries

Or attend a play.

Unkilled by the single shot

The life he lived, and why.

4. Resolution

The gravest event our nation has faced was the Civil War.

Lincoln helped resolve that issue. Now we face global warming.

Only cultural adjustments will get us past the climate crisis!

With Lincoln's resolve in mind, let us find a way to fight our war

and win, and earn a cavalcade of train stops in candle light.